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The Month of June

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have been unable to keep up with my reviews. So instead of feeling massively overwhelmed by the amount, I am going to toss them into one post. So please excuse the mini reviews, I will do my best to stay caught up now.

11861815Winger, by Andrew Smith
Age – High School
Genre Realistic Fiction
2.8 Stars

Ryan Dean West is fourteen years old and a junior at a boarding high school. He has recently been moved into the dorm for trouble makers after an incident the year before. He plays on the varsity Rugby team and is in love with his best friend who treats him like a little brother. The year is full of tumultuous ups and downs, and Ryan Dean must weather the storm. I was not a huge fan of this book. None of the characters were likeable. Ninety percent of it was about absolutely nothing, and then in the last twenty pages it becomes a book. It is too little, too late in my mind.


17288710North of Nowhere, by Liz Kessler
Age – Elementary, Middle School
Genre – Mystery
4 Stars

Mia is prepared for a great spring break with her friends. That is until her grandfather disappears and she rushes to Porthaven with her mother. Mia thinks that this will be a boring a miserable trip. Soon after arriving she makes a couple of friends who try help her uncover the mystery of her grandpa’s disappearance. This book was super sweet and fun. I liked the characters so much. They were strong but realistic. They mystery was fun, although slightly predictable for adults, the kids will feel more suspense. Great setting, and great overall read!


11594257Under the Never Sky, by Veronica Rossi
Age – High School
Genre – Dystopian
1 Star

Aria is exiled from her safe home under the dome. She meets an outsider, Perry, and although they seem to clash, they must learn to work together in order to survive. Together they travel through the brutal landscape and unforgiving climate in search of Perry’s nephew and Aria’s mother. I truly thought this book was terrible. The characters were obnoxious, the writing was worse. The plot was formulaic, and the narration of the audiobook left much to be desired.


18295852The Geography of You and Me, by Jennifer E. Smith
Age – High School
Genre – Realistic Fiction
3 Stars

During a New York City blackout, Lucy and Owen meet in a stuck elevator. They spend one great (and dark) night together, before life starts to pull them in different directions. Lucy moves to Europe, and Owen embarks on cross country travels with his father. Throughout the next year, something keeps their thoughts on each other. Will they ever find their way back to each other, or is geography too strong of a pull? This book was cute. Smith’s writing is simple and easy to read. I have yet to hate any of her characters, however, they always seem to be missing something, possibly a sense of reality! Even though this did not compare to The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, I am not upset I read it.


17185379The Hit, by Melvin Burgess
Age – High School
Genre – Dystopian
2 Stars

The drug death is out. You take it, live the best week of your life, and then you die. Adam feels like his life has been bad enough to take it. Thus begins, the most insane week ever. On top of all this, the government is about to be overthrown and England is in complete chaos. This did not tickle my fancy. I thought the writing was quite dry, and the description didn’t have much to do with the book. The story kept taking the most bizarre turns, so much that I didn’t even want to follow anymore. I also had trouble relating to any part of any character.


16139598Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer, by Katie Alender
Age – High School
Genre – Mystery
3 Stars

Colette is going on a class trip to Paris! The only downside is that there have been a recent slew of murders. People are being beheaded. Shortly after arriving she begins having visions of a ghost that looks strikingly similar to Marie Antoinette. She soon learns that her family was connected to the royal family before and during the revolution. This fact could have some seriously negative implications. This book was light-hearted and whimsical. It certainly wasn’t award winning or poignant. It was fairly predictable as well. However, there were important life lessons, a little overseas romance, and well, Paris. Not bad.







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