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Tumble and Fall, by Alexandra Coutts

17332270Tumble and Fall
Alexandra Couts
2013 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN – 9780374378615
Genre – Realistic Fiction/Apocalyptic
Age – High School
3 Stars

Persephone is an asteroid that is scheduled to hit the earth in one weeks time. There is a good possibility that it will destroy civilization. We follow three teens as they decide what they will spend their last week doing. The choices they make will define their relationships with friends, and family, and complete strangers. It will define the community they choose to build, and the regrets they choose to leave behind. These teens may have their own lives, but they become intertwined with the community and each other.

The genres are a wee bit blurry in this book. Although it takes place in an almost apocalyptic world, it is not necessarily an apocalyptic book. It explores how the world, and a specific community spends their last moments on earth. Each teen has their own adventure that they must embark on. They each must learn the truth about themselves and their loved ones. This is a great exploration of the thoughts, feelings, and actions of kids facing the end of the world. As long as you walk into the book knowing this, it can be a good read. However, if you think you are getting into a survival novel about the world ending, think again.

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