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All These Things I’ve Done, by Gabrielle Zevin

9858517All These Things I’ve Done
Gabrielle Zevin
2011 Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN – 9780374302108
Genre – Dystopian
Age – High School
3.85 Stars

In the year 2083, many ordinary things are illegal or rationed. Chocolate is a big no no, and paper is very tightly rationed. Anya Balanchine is sixteen years old, and the daughter of one of the most infamous crime bosses. Although both of her parents have died, and her grandmother is being kept alive by machines, she still can’t avoid the family business. While taking care of her siblings and grandmother, it seems that trouble can’t help but finding her. When her ex-boyfriend is poisoned after Anya gives him chocolate from her family supply, her world seems to get more troublesome.

I liked that even though this book was set in a dystopian future, it had a realistic feeling. I could really believe that this world, and these events could exist. It is obvious that family is the most important thing to Anya, and it shows in every decision she makes. It is also clear that she had a close relationship with her father. She is often spouting her father’s words of wisdom, which I can completely relate to, even when it isn’t all that wise! I felt like this book was very balanced. It didn’t have too much of any one aspect. There wasn’t too much romance, or dystopian evil. There was conflict but it was all very relatable. The characters were realistic, they battled with their inner good and evil, and I like that the good didn’t always win. It makes for a less predictable ending!

One thought on “All These Things I’ve Done, by Gabrielle Zevin

  1. I saw this book somewhere, you made it sound so good it has to go on my list. I like the thought of chocolate being evil. (Though it wouldn’t really effect me, I’m allergic.) I’m curious how you got 3.85 stars. (Just teasing, I understand really.)

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