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Naughty Kitty, by Adam Stower

15957109Naughty Kitty
Adam Stower
2012 Orchard Books
ISBN – 9780545576048
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
4 Stars

Lily wanted a doggie, but her mom thought they were too much trouble, so she got her a kitten instead. At first the kitty didn’t cause any trouble until one day, all sorts of trouble started happening. Maybe just maybe the cute little kitten isn’t the culprit after all.

Kids will laugh at the obviousness of this book as well as the outrageous shenanigans. The readers can see that there is a big tiger causing all of the mischief from the beginning. Somehow the giant tiger seems to hide from Lily the whole time. The illustrations are fun, they aren’t super bright, or very bold. They are soft and sweet. The little kitten has the most adorable facial expressions, as does Lily, and the tiger as well. I like the use of word bubbles. I also think there is a great opportunity to let the kids guess what happens next.



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