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Stoner & Spaz, by Ron Koertge

166999Stoner & Spaz
Ron Koertge
2004 Candlewick Press
ISBN – 9780763621506
Genre – Realistic fiction
Age – Middle School, High School
2.5 Stars

Ben’s life has been tough to say the least. His parents are gone, he has Cerebral Palsy, and to say his grandmother is overprotective would be an understatement. Everyone treats him differently, except for Colleen. When he runs into her at an old movie theater, he tries to avoid her. Who wants to hang out with a drug addict anyway. The more she hangs around, the more he want to see her. She talks to him like he is normal, she touches him like he is normal, she just overall treats him like a normal 16 year old kid. Isn’t that what he has always wanted?

This book was short, simple, and to the point, without being simple at all. The nuances of high school feelings and relationships are well thought out and documented, however, I wasn’t really drawn to the book. I wasn’t really into the characters, they were so extreme. I understand that the point is that very different people can relate and become friends. I also understand people exist that are similar to both of these characters. However, I am neither of them, and thus had a hard time relating. I also have a hard time of deciding who I would recommend the book. That being said, I know that the book has huge hype among teenagers. Next time I find one who loves it, I will be sure to pick their brain!

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