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The F- It List, by Julie Halpern

17286812The F- It List
Julie Halpern
2013 by Feiwel & Friends
ISBN – 9781250025654
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Age – High School
3.3 Stars

On the day of Alex’s father’s funeral, her best friend Becca sleeps with her boyfriend. She spends the entire summer mourning without her best friend. On the first day of school she learns that sometime during the summer Becca was diagnosed with cancer. They quickly make amends and Becca reveals to Alex that she has a bucket list of sorts. However, Alex refuses to believe that Becca will die, and in turn refuses to call it the Bucket List, thus the new title. As Becca goes through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Alex attempts to complete items off her list, allowing Becca to live vicariously through her, during the tough times.

It was alright. The story was heartbreaking and rang a big truth bell in my life. However, I just couldn’t find a reason to love it. I liked it alright just because of the humor in the story and the characters. Sometimes when life gives you lemons you just have to throw them at something funny and laugh about it, its the only way to make it through. I liked that, and I also like the friendship and interaction between Becca and Alex. It was easy and fun, and they were constantly sarcastic, which I love. Other than that aspect I just wasn’t a huge fan of the characters as a whole. Becca was resigned to be miserable, which meant that she would be, and have a good chance of making those around her miserable as well. Alex and her selfish action at the beginning of the book, really just bugged me. Cancer or no cancer, I couldn’t get past that a friend would ever do that.


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