Posted in Young Adult Lit

Rotters, by Daniel Kraus

Daniel Kraus
2011, by Delacorte Press
ISBN – 9780385738576
Genre – Horror
Age – High School
2.8 Stars

Joey Crouch is a normal high school kid living in Chicago, until his mother died in a tragic accident. He is then forced to move in with his dad in small town Iowa. He has never met his dad, and when he does, well, they pretty much hate each other. Once they get used to each other, they begin spending more time together and Joey gets more involved in his dad’s business. His dad’s business just happens to be grave robbing.

This book was weird, just weird. None of it made much narrative sense to me. Just when it was starting to make sense, it stopped making sense again. I liked the beginning, It was actually quite a solid start, then the second half wore thin on my patience. Then, I liked the end. I think I may have only liked the end, because it gave me some solace from the middle. It was so hard to relate to the characters and the situation. Despite the fact that Joey’s situation was very relatable. He was unpopular and bullied. I think every thing that happened was just too extreme. Nothing could possibly be even close to my realm of believability. The writing style began to wear on me as well. I will note that the audiobook narrator was excellent at changing character voices and moods. He was quite talented.


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