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After Iris, by Natasha Farrant

16101131After Iris
Natasha Farrant
Dial 2013
ISBN – 9780803739826
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Age – Elementary School, Middle School
3.7 Stars

Blue Gadsby was a twin. Three years ago her family was thrown into a horrible downward spiral when her twin, Iris, was killed in an accident. Her parents have been completely engrossed in their careers and absent from their children and each others lives ever since. Chaos takes on a whole new meaning when Zoran is sent in to take care of them, and a mischievous boy moves in next door. Blue is and has been trying to keep her sanity, in a terribly insane kind of life. Will her family ever be able to move forward to the future, or are they doomed to recreate their past?

This book is sweet, but at the same time it made my heart ache with the overwhelming reality of it all. It doesn’t sugar coat the difficulties that Blue is facing. It doesn’t cover up the fact that some people do not handle hard situations with grace. It is honest, and at times quite raw. I like that it is written in different formats, this allows us to see Blue’s personal point of view in her diary entries, as well as more of an observer’s point of view through her movies. The characters are believable, even if some of them are a bit colorful! Overall, this book, the characters, and the story feels like something that could happen to any number of children. What is truly great is that throughout all of the hardship, tragedy, and conflict, it is not completely overrun with negativity.


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