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Zombie Baseball Beatdown, by Paolo Bacigalupi

13599877Zombie Baseball Beatdown
Paolo Bacigalupi
2013 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN – 9780316220781
Genre – Humor, Zombies
Age – Middle School
3.8 Stars

It was an ordinary day of baseball and being bullied for Rabi, Joe, and Miguel when the zombie apocalypse began. Rabi gets attacked by the baseball coach and gathers his friends to help him save their small town. The three friends soon learn that the zombies may have come from the meat packing plant, who tried to sweep a tainted meat scandal under the rug. Will the three be able to uncover the full story, and keep the world from a major catastrophe?

This book is so much more than just zombies, baseballs, and beatdowns! How could you want more, you ask? Well on top of humor, and action we actually get a dose of some serious social commentary. Bacigalupi manages to talk about racism, food safely, and immigration. It is nice to see a book for this age group have more than one layer! My one big issue with this is that it seems to be packing a little bit too much into such a small book, and the themes and plot can be overwhelming at times. However if you can take it in small pieces, you may just find yourself cheering in the scenes with Zombie Cows!


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