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Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy, by Karen Foxlee

17910570Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy
Karen Foxlee
2014 by Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN – 9780385753548
Genre – Fantasy
Age – Elementary, Middle School
4 Stars

Ophelia and her family are mourning the death of her mother, when her father takes a job at a museum in a town where it is always snowing. Ophelia is a scientist, and she doesn’t believe in anything unless it can be proved. One day, while exploring the museum, she comes across a boy who is locked in a room. He tells her that he has been locked there for centuries, and he must find the sword to defeat the snow queen and save the world! At first she doesn’t believe him, but the more she explores the museum, the more she realizes that something really fishy is going on. Will Ophelia be able to help the boy and save the world in time?

I really enjoyed this book. It gave me that warm feeling that you get when you start believing in magic again, despite the fact that you know it can’t exist. I for one, think it is very important for kids and adults to believe in a certain degree of magic always and forever. Ophelia is a great star of the book. She is a strong, smart, and brave female leader. Despite the fact that she is sensitive to the heartbreak in her life, she is able to persevere. She not only helps the boy to save the world from the snow queen, but she also tries to save her family from completely breaking down. She is the kind of girl I wish I could be! I like the way there is a fairy tale set within a present day story. I like the way the setting of the town lends itself to this kind of story. I understand that it is an adaptation of another fairy tale, but that doesn’t really detract from the story for me.


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