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I Kill the Mockingbird, by Paul Acampora

18465605I Kill the Mockingbird
Paul Acampora
2014 by Roaring Brook Press
ISBN – 9781596437425
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Age – Middle School
3 Stars

Best friends Lucy, Elena, and Michael begin the summer with a lofty reading list for their next year. Included on this list is To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. Lucy becomes upset when she realizes that lots of people don’t want to read it, even though it is her favorite book. So the three thirteen year olds take matters into their own hands. They begin a plot to make the book high demand again! Somehow their plot succeeds beyond their wildest imaginations. People are enacting it across the country, celebrities are spreading the word through social media, and now that it is bigger than them, will they ever be able to stop it?

This book was a slight bit of a let down for me. I think it had received too much hype. While I enjoyed the characters, I thought that the plot was lacking. It was made out to be this super exciting narrative including “literary terrorism,” and call me a nerd all you want but that sounded cool to me. It just seemed to fall a bit flat. I also want to mention that just about all of the adults in the book were more interesting and more likable than any of the kids. My ideas upon this book may have a lot to do with the fact that I really don’t like coming of age tales. Even though To Kill a Mockingbird is far from my favorite classic, this book just wasn’t up to par.

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