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Little Elliot Big City, by Mike Curato

20518989Little Elliot Big City
Mike Curato
2014 Henry Holt and Company
ISBN – 978-0-8050-9825-9
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
4 Stars

Little Elliot is an adorable polka dotted elephant who loves the big city most of the time. However, sometimes he just feels so small. Sometimes people don’t even notice him. Elliot also loves cupcakes, but one day when he tries to buy one from the bakery, no one sees him. Then Elliot meets an unlikely friend and they find a way to help each other! Elliot is so cute, and so happy, and kind. He is the embodiment of who I want as a friend (mostly because I really want a polka dotted elephant as a friend.) But really he is small, sweet, and loves sweets, and I think we could get along. I love this story of a friendship that makes everyone involved happier.


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