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The Young Elites, by Marie Lu

20821111The Young Elites
Marie Lu
2014 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers
ISBN – 9780399167836
Genre – Fantasy
Age – High School
3.4 Stars

When the blood fever swept through the nation, most people who were infected died. Those who did not die were left with a mark, and called mafettos, they were seen as abominations. However, some of these people were left with special powers, and were known as Young Elites. Adelina, her mother, and her sister were all infected. The disease took her mother, made Adelina a malfetto, and left her sister untouched. One night, Adelina hears her father sell her off as a mistress, and decides to run away. During his attempts to catch her, Adelina unleashes unknown special powers that kill her father. While awaiting execution for the murder of her father, a group of Young Elites come to her rescue. Will she be able to fit in with the group and help put an end to the evil reign that shuns malfettos?

This story felt very familiar to me, like Graceling perhaps. I get that it has a different premise, but somehow it doesn’t feel super original in my mind. On that note, I still liked the book. It kept me reading and wanting to know what happened. My biggest problem is that I didn’t like Adelina. In fact, I often found myself literally yelling at her as I read the book. I just don’t understand the stupid decisions she made, and I never felt bad for her because of these stupid decisions! She was overall just a horrible person in my brain. I did, however, like most of the other characters. I thought there was a good variety of good and evil, and some characters even had a healthy dose of both good and evil within them. I found the stories of each character to be quite compelling and even found myself sympathizing with the bad guy. The effects of self hatred can be staggering! Unfortunately in Adelina’s case, the effects of self importance can be as well.

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