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Zac & Mia, by A.J. Betts

15757486Zac & Mia
A.J. Betts
2013 by Text Publishing
ISBN – 9781922147257
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Age – High School
3 Stars

Zac is in the hospital after undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy, and most recently a bone marrow transplant. He knows his odds of survival are not great. He also knows the odds of just about everything else. He is obsessed with numbers. This is how he knows that Mia has the best odds on the ward, so why is she so angry all of the time? They begin a strange relationship through the walls of their hospital room, and never really see each other. Then when Zac gets released from the hospital , Mia is all alone. Upon returning home, she realizes her situation is even more desperate, and she must escape. But where will she go?

This book was not excellent, but it also wasn’t bad. I thought Zac was a great character, and Mia really bothered me. However, to me, Zac was totally unrealistic, and Mia felt believable. That bothered me. I liked how the story was broken into different parts from different views, but at the same time it made the book feel slightly fragmented at times. There really wasn’t much suspense, or surprise throughout, and overall it felt like a story I have read before (no, not TFIOS.) I liked the writing style, it definitely provoked emotion although I’m not sure it provoked the intended emotion. Overall, I liked every character other than Zac and Mia more than Zac and Mia, and I think that might be a sizable flaw. I just wish that it gave me more, more everything.


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