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Titanic: Voices From the Disaster, by Deborah Hopkinson

12479015Titanic: Voices from the Disaster
Deborah Hopkinson
2012 by Scholastic Press
ISBN – 9780545116749
Genre – Nonfiction
Age – Middle School, High School
4 Stars

Titanic tells us all about the maiden voyage of, you guessed it, The Titanic. I feel like I have read a lot of books about the Titanic, yet I never seem to tire of them. This book is particularly excellent in that it recalls many first person quotes and accounts. As frightening as it is, it makes you feel as if you are actually there sharing in the journey and tragedy. I love the impact that the pictures of the actual ship provide. I also enjoyed reading people’s letters to their loved ones from the ship. Oddly enough I just finished reading Thunderstruck, by Erik Larson which discussed Marconi and his telegraph. This book talked about how important the telegraph system was to any rescue. It was neat to be able to put what I learned in that book into context. In many books that rely heavily on quotations, the flow seems to be a bit stifled, but this book does not fall into that struggle. To me, it was the kind of book that despite the fact that you know the ending, you still feel like you are in suspense. This book also did a great job of addressing issues and facts that may not be as well known to the younger audience. Even I found a couple of instances in which I was surprised. This is a great introduction that feels very personal, and begs for interest and intrigue.


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