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Six Feet Over It, by Jennifer Longo

SixSix Feet Over It
Jennifer Longo
2014 by Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN – 9780449818725
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Age – High School
2.9 Stars

Leigh’s sister has been fighting a grueling battle with cancer, and it has taken its toll on everyone in the family. Leigh doesn’t have many friends, which might be good because after helping care for her sister she doesn’t have much time. Then after a summer away at her grandparents house, her parents bring her and her sister home, to a new home, at a cemetery. Now Leigh is working at the family business selling graves. She constantly avoids all close relationships outside of her sister, trying to avoid repeating previous heartbreaks. This becomes hard after her dad hires a young Mexican immigrant. They end up becoming good friends, which in turn makes Leigh the last thing she wants to be, vulnerable. Will Leigh be able to keep her head above ground, while selling underground real estate?

This book sounded better than it was. I wasn’t a fan of Leigh, I just didn’t like the way she reacted to anything. Granted, she went through some pretty rough patches, and didn’t have much support, but she seemed to be low on the scale of resilience. On the other hand, this sometimes happens, and I appreciated the honesty in which her voice shown through. Her family was equally unlikeable, and not in the fun quirky way, but in the “are you kidding me?!?” way. Pretty much every character in the book was frustrating, and just about every scenario was completely unbelievable. On a positive note, I loved the setting! I loved the way Longo painted a picture of every scene. I felt like I was in each section of the cemetery, I felt like I was sweating in the office with a fan blowing on me, or eating peppermint patties (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for me) to make everything bearable. However, that wasn’t enough for me to put up with a book that just really didn’t have much going on. But wait!!! Suddenly it has a ton going on, but I can’t possibly figure out how this whole thing would ever happen in real life, which  is what it is pretending to be. Not good, not bad either. Its a solid meh from me.

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