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Through the Woods, by Emily Carroll

woodsThrough the Woods
Emily Carroll
2014 Margarey K. McElderry Books
ISBN – 9781442465954
Genre – Graphic Novel
Age – Middle School, High School
5 Stars

This graphic novel is a collection of short stories that are scary, creepy, bone chilling, and wonderful. The stories will not give you nightmares, but are clever and original in nature. I especially like the conclusion, which is a new lesson from Little Red Riding Hood and her Big Bad Wolf. The text of the story is a bit minimalistic, but this is not a negative to me. It is very poetic and adds to the chill factor. The illustrations are incredible. The pictures are beautifully done, and really leave you with a strange feeling. Many of the pictures were dark in color and in nature, which made the bright pages all the more impressive. I loved how the text appeared. It flowed throughout the pages and stories in different fonts and colors and in doing so, they managed to change the feel of the words and pictures. Fantastic!


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