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Dory Fantasmagory, by Abby Hanlon

DoryDory Fantasmagory
Abby Hanlon
2014 by Dial Books
ISBN – 9780803740884
Genre – Humor
Age – Elementary School
2 Stars

Dory is six years old. She has an older brother and sister, who never want to play with her. They come up with a story to scare her away from them and it backfires on them. Her wild imagination is more than enough to keep her busy!

I get what this book is trying to do, however, I am not sure it succeeded. Dory was just plain obnoxious in my mind. Her imagination was fun to follow, but insistence upon ignoring the real world got old. The complete lack of attention to her behavior (good or bad) by everyone in her family was also appalling. She acted well below her age, which might make it hard for appropriate readers to relate. I did find the rough illustrations to be fun and add to the story. Otherwise, it really fell short for me.

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