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Hidden, by Loic Dauvillier

Loic Dauvillier
Illustrated by Marc Lizano Color by Greg Salsedo Translated by Alexis Siegel
2014 First Second
ISBN – 9781596438736
Genre – Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction
Age- Elementary
4 stars

A grandmother tells her granddaughter her story of the Holocaust. When she was a young child, the world started being cruel to her and her family as well as some of her friend’s families. She was made fun of at school, her dad lost her job, and her parents seemed to be on edge. Suddenly she was told she had to hide in a closet, and when she came out of hiding her parent were gone. Her downstairs neighbors took care of her and kept her safe, they even fled the country with her. She loved her new family, but she dreamed of being reunited with her mom and dad.

This is a very emotional graphic novel. It is about several generations of love and loss. It is about teaching family history to all of the generations that follow, to always remember your history no matter how painful it was. I loved the imagery, and the way that you really felt each scene. Not only were the emotions clear on the faces, but in the colors that were carefully chosen. I liked the theme of protection through the generations. Dounia’s father protected her from the Nazi’s, while Dounia tries to protect her son from the horrors that she faced. I also really enjoyed that the Grandmother was able to tell her story after many years, with maturity, but somehow still through the lens of a little girl. She tells the story with innocence. She is hurt and sad, but not angry and vengeful. I think that this would be a good book to read as an introduction to the Holocaust. It conveys sadness and injustice, but is not too brutal for children to read.


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