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Wild About Books, by Judy Sierra

1853Wild About Books
Judy Sierra
Illustrated by Marc Brown
2004 Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN – 9780375925382
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Early Elementary
5 Stars

The librarian accidentally drove her bookmobile into the zoo, and hilarity ensued. First the animals were hesitant, but after the librarian started reading Dr. Seuss out loud, they all became interested. This book is full of bright and gorgeous pictures of all types of animals. I love the little details in the illustrations. I love the rhyming. It is such an amazing book about books and reading. It shows kids that not only are there different types of books, but there are also different sizes, and they can read in different ways. It teaches lessons about how to take care of books, as well as how to return books to the library. It is just an absolute great lesson in all things books, and animals. I love the idea of reading each animal type and asking the kids which animal that is. Some are easy like giraffe, but there are also some pretty hard ones like Tasmanian devils! It is a bit longer in text so I would recommend this for 1st – 3rd grade.


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