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Lincoln’s Grave Robbers, by Steve Sheinkin

LincolnLincoln’s Grave Robbers
Steve Sheinkin
2013 by Scholastic Press
ISBN – 9780545405720
Genre – Nonfiction
Age – Middle School, High School
3.4 Stars

In the mid 1800s printing fake money was a big problem in the United States, one that threatened the entire economy. Some of the men responsible for these crimes decided to partake in another heist, stealing Abraham Lincoln’s body from his grave. The book goes into detail about how and why this plot came to fruition, the hiccups in the plan, and how it turned out in the end. It highlights not only the attempts to take the body, but also the efforts to prevent the crime from happening. Littered with pictures of the main players, and settings, the story unfolds into an almost comically unbelievable farce. I liked that it is written in a way that appeals to a wide audience. The language is easy enough to read for middle school aged children, but the content is interesting enough to hold older kids and adults as well. I didn’t find the pictures super compelling, but some did a great job to help the reader picture complicated settings. The history was interesting and all new to me. I did enjoy that I learned not only about the grave robbing, but about counterfeiting culture as well. It really did feel like an action story with an exciting climax.


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