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Alive, by Chandler Baker

Chandler Baker
2015 by Disney-Hyperion
ISBN – 9781484706831
Genre – Mystery
Age – High School
3.3 Stars

Stella is finally getting the heart transplant she needs to survive, and once she does she decides to reinvent her life. What better to help her do that than a new attractive boy at school. Very quickly Stella and Levi are spending all of their time together. Everything seems to be going great except for the horrible pain she feels everyday at the same moment. Then the dizzy spells, fainting, and hallucinations begin. Oddly enough it seems that these symptoms seem to change when she is around Levi. Then he begins acting weirdly jealous and possessive, and she becomes manically obsessive. Is their relationship as good for her new heart as she thinks?

When I first read the description of this book, I thought it was another one in the sick teenager genre, and stopped after the first couple lines. I was quite surprised when I read it. It started off just as I would have thought. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan. I judged it about halfway through as boring, but right at that point it started getting weird, and I was curious as to where it was going. I was glad I kept going, because the second half was worth it. First of all, Stella was horrible. She was just a crappy person, and I refuse to buy into the life is hard, so I get to be a jerk scenario. I just didn’t like her and her intense selfishness. She never really grew out of that, even in the end. I’m not even really sure how she got lucky enough to have the friends that she did. I liked all of the other characters, they seemed honest and good. I liked that it was set in Seattle, and the high school teen drama seemed realistic to me. The first half dragged on for far too long, but the pace really quickened in the second half. By the time I realized something weird was going on, there was even more weirdness! I can’t get past the fact that it felt like two completely separate books though.

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