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El Deafo, by Cece Bell

el deafoEl Deafo
Cece Bell
2014 by Harry N. Abrams
ISBN – 9781419710209
Genre – Graphic Novel/Biography
Age – Elementary
4.3 Stars

When Cece was four years old she contracted Meningitis. After her body was healed she was left deaf from the illness. This is the story of her struggles to accept her deafness. I really enjoyed this book. The illustrations were simple, colorful, and fun. In a way, they reminded me a little bit of the cartoon Arthur, which I love! I also think it is awesome that she likens herself to a superhero. It is a great and positive way for her to think of her differences as well as to have others think of her. Just because she is deaf does not mean she isn’t great. It is a wonderful and positive message to child and adults. I think this book teaches everyone that we all have our strengths and weaknesses in life, and it is how we use those that help define who we are. I enjoyed the Author’s Note at the end as well in which Bell talks about the different ways that deaf people identify themselves. Overall, I thought this was a wonderful book that not only taught me a lesson about deafness, but also a lesson about being human.


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