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Rot and Ruin, by Jonathan Maberry

rot and ruinRot and Ruin
Jonathan Maberry
2010 by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
ISBN – 9781442402324
Genre – Apocalyptic
Age – High School
3.4 Stars

Benny lives in a town surrounded by a zombie wasteland. In this town, kids must find jobs by the time they are fifteen in order to receive full rations. After trying several different career paths, Benny decides to fall back on the family business, Zombie Bounty Hunting. When he goes outside of his protected town, otherwise known as the Rot and Ruin, her learns a lot more about how the world works. In getting to know his brother, he learns about his family, how the world turned ugly, and that the biggest dangers may not be zombies after all.

This book had quite a slow start, it took me a long time to feel really engaged. I didn’t find Benny to be likeable, and Tom was kind of a jerk. Not to mention all of his friends were a bit obnoxious. However, once Benny and Tom began to spend more time together and begin to understand each other, they became more likeable to me. I really liked the premise that the family business turns out to not be mindless zombie killing, but more of a closure service for families (not a spoiler.) I like the idea, that these zombies are people who loved and were loved. It makes them seem more human. Even though I thought that the book could have been a bit shorter, I never felt that it dragged on after the initial slowness. It was full of action and excitement! Some of the language was truly annoying. In the beginning it felt like I heard the word “zomb” every sentence, and the dialog was a bit unfortunate as well. I guess I can chalk that up to being fifteen year old boys. I liked that we got to explore all of our emotions in this genre. It was funny, and sad, and infuriating. All in all I liked this book, I am just not sure I want to read two thousand more pages of it.


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