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Blown Away, by Rob Biddulph

22138435Blown Away
Rob Biddulph
2015 Harper
ISBN – 9780062367242
Genre – Picture Books
Age – Preschool
4 Stars

Penguin flies a kite on a super windy day, and soon is pulled off by the wind and taken away on a great adventure on which he makes lots of friends and sees new lands. So we do have to ignore the fact that polar bears are not going to be hanging out with penguins. This does annoy me a bit because children actually learn a ton from picture books. However, ignoring that, I love this book. The illustrations are sweet and whimsical. There are lots of opportunities to ask the kiddos what certain creatures are, and what they think will happen next! I love that the text is written and can be read like a poem. It has rhythm, rhyme, and humor, and it just plain made me smile! I think it will be a lovely interactive book to read aloud, and you can also let kids know that polar bears live in the north (with Santa and penguins live in the south.)

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