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Every Last Word, by Tamara Ireland Stone

23341894Every Last Word
Tamara Ireland Stone
2015 by Disney-Hyperion
ISBN – 9781484705278
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Age – High School
4 Stars

Samantha may play it off as one of the popular girls in her high school, but under her well groomed appearance hides a girl with OCD. She has a thing with the number three, her thoughts can quickly spiral out of control, and she constantly worries that everyone will find out her secret. She tries to pretend that everything is alright, but the reality is that she is just not happy. Then one day she makes a friend, who changes her life for the better. She teaches her how to express herself through poetry, and how to be herself, but what happens when Samantha’s two worlds collide?

I loved the characters. I loved that there was a variety of the good, the bad, and the ugly. They reminded me that everyone has their own battle to fight, no matter what appearances put forth. They reminded me to be kind to everyone, and if you can’t be kind, walk away. They just reminded me of all the good things we were supposed to learn at a young age, that sometimes people forget. I am not a fan of a large amount of poetry, but I love that for some people, poetry can save lives. This really is not the type of book, I would normally rave about, but this one was good. It was real, it was brutal, and it had some very unexpected points. I’d also like to note that I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of multiple supportive adults. This is not a “woe is me” novel in which no one cares about a struggling teen. It is the story of a girl and her family who have to fight every day to just float, but they fight together. The subject matter was compelling, and the way in which it was written may make it appealing to a larger audience than it seems at first glance.


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