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The Terrible Two, by Mac Barnett and John Jory

terribleThe Terrible Two
Mac Barnett and John Jory
2015 by Harry N. Abrams
ISBN – 9781419714917
Genre – Humor
Age – Elementary School
4 Stars

Yawnee Valley is a small town with not much going for it, except for cows. Miles Murphy is not very happy when his family moves there. He was quite comfortable with his old home, school, and friends. Most importantly he was the uncontested best prankster at his old school. Now he has to start all over. It gets worse when he gets to his new school only to find they already have a prankster, and he is quite good. In order to take the lead spot, Miles must engage in an all out prank war!

I am not generally a fan of this genre, but Mac Barnett is one of my favorites when it comes to picture books so I thought I would give it a try! I was pleasantly surprised. While it has everything kids, especially boys, are looking for at this age, it also carries a bit of cleverness. Sure the two young boys are a bit obnoxious, but they actually use their brains to solve their problems! The illustrations are simple, yet they add to the imagination and hilarity of the story. On top of that, there is a positive message lurking in the background. Finally, if you want to learn wacky facts about our favorite mooing animal, this is the book for you! Would be great for book talking to elementary aged kids.


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