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Alistair Grim’s Odditorium, by Gregory Funaro

OdditoriumAlistair Grim’s Odditorium
Gregory Funaro
2015 by Disney Hyperion
ISBN – 9781484700068
Genre – Fantasy
Age – Middle School
3.7 Stars

Grubb has been working as a Chimney Sweeper for a horrible man ever since the woman who cared for him died. He was abandoned at his doorstep when he was an infant, and is now about twelve years old, he doesn’t know exactly. His luck seems to be changing when he escapes from his master and catches a ride with Mr. Grim. He seems a bit worried when the carriage that he has stowed away in starts to fly, but he holds on for better or for worse. When they arrive at their destination, Grubb finds himself in a place full of mystery, magic, and wonders. Little does he know that the Odditorium, his new home, is about to be attacked, and he may be integral in helping save it!

It seems as if these kinds of books are quite plentiful recently, you know, the ones set in historical England full of magic, and wizards, and spunky little apprentices. They may be splitting the fine line of overdone, but I didn’t feel that way about this one. I liked that it was magic without your stereotypical wizard, although I am not sure what I would call Mr. Grim. I loved the setting of The Odditorium. It was such a fantastical building, with amazing creatures like fairies, and banshees, and samurais, oh my! It seems to me that with all of the insanity smashed into such a small book, it would be nothing but chaos. However, Funaro manages just fine. The characters run the gamut between bad, good, and evil, and everyone seems to find their place perfectly in the story. This is definitely a good one for fans of Harry Potter and The Magic Thief.


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