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Fragile Bones: Harrison and Anna, by Lorna Schultz Nicholson

fragileFragile Bones: Harrison and Anna
Lorna Schultz Nicholson
2015 by Clockwise Press
ISBN – 9780993935107
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Middle School, High School
3 Stars

Harrison’s family thinks that it would be good for him to join the Best Buddies Program at his high school. It is a program that pairs two students together in hopes to make unlikely connections. Harrison recites the bones in the human body when he gets nervous, he loves to watch reruns of Grey’s Anatomy every day after school, he doesn’t understand why anyone would wear high heeled shoes, and he is super sensitive about germs. Anna is super concerned about grades and college applications. She is sure that joining Best Buddies will look good on her “résumé.” She doesn’t expect it to change her life in very drastic ways.

This book is told from alternating perspectives. One is Miss Perfect, trying to please everyone, and the other a high-functioning autistic student. I think the book is a great idea, and at times is written really well. The author is able to make you feel like you are viewing the world from both Harrison and Anna’s point of view, which by the way are very different! My main issue with the book is that at times their views overlap too much without much variation. It succeeds in showing that no matter how different two people are, they can still relate to situations similarly. However, it just made for a redundant read. This was a very sweet and at times emotional read, but that’s it. I didn’t feel much at all after reading it.


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