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Tommysaurus Rex, by Doug Tennapel

ToomysaurusTommysaurus Rex
Doug Tennapel
2013 by GRAPHIX (first published 2004)
ISBN – 9780545483834
Genre – Graphic Novel
Age – Elementary School
4 Stars

After Ely’s beloved dog Tommy is hit by a car, he goes to live with his grandfather for the summer. Soon after the local bully starts bothering him, he comes across a very friendly dinosaur. They become the best of friends and get into all sorts of trouble together. Ely and his grandpa try to convince the town that a dinosaur is worth having around. I like Tennapel’s illustrations. They seem to have a certain bit of darkness to them. He also has a common theme of bullying, and he always seems to resolve this issue in a positive manner. Ely is relatable, and so is his situation. The book manages to be funny and serious all at the same time. I thought this book was great fun. What little boy or girl wouldn’t want a giant pet dinosaur, even with all of the concerns that go along with having one?

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