Posted in Young Adult Lit

Trapped, by Michael Northrup

Michael Northrup
2011 by Scholastic Press
ISBN – 9780545210126
Genre – Apocalyptic
Age – High School
3.2 Stars

Once the snow begins falling heavily, school closes early. As most of the kids load into buses or their parents cars, a few are left behind to wait. It is not until the electricity shuts down, and the heat goes off that the kids start to worry. At least they have food though! Then the drifts fully cover the first floor of the school. Will the snow ever stop? How long will they have to figure out how to stay alive?

I liked, not loved Trapped. The premise was good, and it was honest and raw. I feel like it could have been executed better. It seemed like it took the kids for ever to understand the gravity of the situation. At first they just treated it as if it was a fun little sleepover at school with no teachers and cute girls. The characters have absolutely no personality. They start that way in the beginning, and they don’t really grow during this terrible ordeal. I’m not a huge fan of super short chapters, I feel like it really messes up the flow for me. Overall, the writing wasn’t great, but the story was good enough for me to want to know what was going to happen.

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