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Polar Bear’s Underwear, by Tupera Tupera

bear5Polar Bear’s Underwear
Tupera Tupera
2015 Chronicle Books
ISBN – 9781452141992
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
5 Stars

Polar Bear can’t seem to find his underwear! Not to worry, because his good friend Mouse is here to help. They find all sorts of colorful wacky underwear of all different sizes, but none of them belong to Polar Bear. Will he ever find them?!?! This is my favorite picture book of the year so far. Each page shows a fun pair of underwear. They are shown through a cut out that leads us to the next page. On that page we see all sorts of different animals that are wearing the wacky garments. So, not only do we have unmentionables, which kids love and find hilarious, but is also invites kids to be interactive, by guessing what animal will be on each page. The kicker is in the ending! In addition, the illustrations are bright, big, whimsical, and ridiculously funny. Everything other than the animals is a tan background, which really makes the focus pop. Every time I see the cover on my desk, I laugh all over again!


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