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It’s Only Stanley, by Jon Agee

18969290It’s Only Stanley
John Agee
2015 by Dial Books
ISBN – 9780803739079
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
4 Stars

It’s late at night and the Wimbledons are trying to sleep when they hear a strange noise. Turns out it is only Stanley. As the night gets later and later they keep hearing more noises, and each time it turns out that it is only Stanley doing strange things around the house. The illustrations are much in the fashion of John Agee, loveable and quirky. The story is full of rhymes and humor. You may be surprised by all of the odd things that Stanley is doing as the night gets later, but nothing will prepare you or the Wimbledons for his last great act! Definitely a fun book, that will allow kids to participate by guessing what Stanley is doing, and laugh when they are almost certainly wrong!


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