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The Selection, by Kiera Cass

10507293The Selection
Kiera Cass
2012 by HarperTeen
ISBN – 9780062059932
Genre- Dystopian
Age – High School
3 Stars

The country of Illea is based upon a caste system, where the highest castes strive while the lower struggle just to survive. Every rising king uses The Selection as a way to pick his bride and future queen. America is surprised when she is picked for the selection as she only applied to help her family. It is obvious from the very beginning that she just doesn’t fit it. She is confrontational and anxious, not to mention she is desperately in love with someone from back home.

I listened to the audio book and the narrator was very believable. I liked that she didn’t overdo the acting. The book was easy to listen to and kept my attention the whole way through. I wouldn’t say it was really exciting, but there is a certain degree of suspense throughout. America is…obnoxious. She has this whole “my life is so hard, and I am so above every other girl in this competition because I know what it is like to need” complex. When really she is just as selfish and immature as any of the other girls. She really did terrible things that I won’t mention here as not to give spoilers. I am not sure if we are supposed to like her, feel sorry for her, or what, but I feel little other than disgust for her. It was certainly good enough to read the next book of the series to find out what happens in The Selection. I always like a good mind numbing book, I just hope America matures a bit.


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