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Gabi, a Girl in Pieces, by Isabel Quintero

20702546Gabi, a Girl in Pieces
Isabel Quintero
2014 by Cinco Puntos Press
ISBN – 9781935955955
Genre – Realistic Fiction, Diary
Age – High School
4 Stars

Gabi is a senior in high school, with her fair share of problems. Her dad is addicted to meth, her best friend gets pregnant, she is caught up in college applications, and she can’t stop thinking about food, all the glorious food. Oh yeah, and boys. In all of this mess, she finds an outlet, poetry. Through poetry, she is able to explore and release many emotions that she keeps bottled up. Gabi documents her final year of high school in her diary, and lucky for us, we get a first hand view!

I like this book more after some time apart. Generally I am not a fan of diary type books, because of the casual nature of the writing. I never liked my own diaries either…But Gabi seems to write with a certain sophistication that makes this book a little bit different. She is going through some really hard times, but she always manages to pull through. I like that she doesn’t over dramatize the things that aren’t the end of the world, but we also see that the important things affect her. I really just liked Gabi, in the way that I want to be her friend. She is a good person, she has empathy for others, and also importantly, she knows good food! She is comfortable with herself, as much as any teenage girl struggling with her self image can be. She knows who she is, even when she battles with herself. She works hard, at everything she does, and I can definitely respect that! I also really enjoyed the use of the Spanish language throughout Gabi’s poetry and the rest of the book. It was not so much that I felt lost if I didn’t understand it, I do know a tiny bit of Spanish. It added an authentic feeling to the story as a whole. The cover is a bit strange, but it grew on me throughout the book, and with a bit of explanation.


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