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The Octopuppy, by Martin McKenna

18692476The Octopuppy
Martin McKenna
2013 by Scholastic
ISBN – 9781742990156
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
4.3 Stars

All Edgar wanted was a dog, but instead he got Jarvis, an octopus. Jarvis couldn’t do any of the things that dogs can do, like sit or play dead, but he was incredibly smart. He just wasn’t what Edgar wanted. It took Jarvis leaving for Edgar to realize that maybe Jarvis was pretty cool just the way he is. This book is super cute! The illustrations are fantastic. They are bright, colorful, and humorous! Jarvis is full of wacky stunts that any kid other than Edgar would be thrilled to have a pet do! The end is adorable and sweet, and gives us a tiny little hint at the true meaning of friendship. I definitely plan on building a storytime about Octopuses and including this one!


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