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The Fourteenth Goldfish, by Jennifer L. Holm

19156898The fourteenth Goldfish
Jennifer L. Holm
2014 by Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN – 9780375870644
Genre – Science Fiction
Age – Middle School
2.99 Stars

Ellie does not want to leave the fifth grade, in fact she doesn’t really want life to move forward at all, and she just can’t picture growing old like her grandpa Melvin. But wait, somehow her grandpa Melvin has figured out how to be young again, and he appears as a 15 year old boy and the family tries to pass him off as Ellie’s cousin. It seems that grandpa has found his own fountain of youth, but now that he looks like a fifteen year old, he is having trouble getting back into his lab!

I thought this book was okay. Three weeks after reading it nothing really sticks out to me. The best character was Melvin by far, but how could he not be with the juxtaposition of the curmudgeonly old man in the body of a pubescent boy! Ellie was forgettable, and the lesson in the end was weak. I did really enjoy the tidbits of science. I love when novels throw in interesting and educational facts that may lead to piquing the interest in young minds. So other than that, nothing really called to me. I also read Bird as well as Countdown just before and just after this one, and as far as female coming of age tales, they both surpassed this one in my opinion.


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