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Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard

17878931Red Queen
Victoria Aveyard
2015 by Orio
ISBN – 9781409151173
Genre – Fantasy
Age – High School
4.3 Stars

Mare is a Red, a commoner, forced to watch the Silvers rule through greed and torture using their special powers. She knows that she will never amount to anything, that is, until she finds herself working in the palace. To everyone’s surprise, including her own, she finds out that she too has a special power. Now the royal family must act quick in order to cover up a secret that could be their ruin.

Royal family, torture, scandal, betrayal? That is my kind of fantasy. Even if it has been done before, I still like it. In fact, I’d read another one if anyone has any suggestions. With twists and turns, you’ll feel like you don’t know which way is up. I think this would make an excellent TV show, the YA version of Game of Thrones! I liked all of the characters, even the ones I wasn’t supposed to like intrigued me. I loved the setting of a civilization on the brink of anarchy. I could just feel the tension building. This one kept me at attention the entire time I was reading, and when I wasn’t reading it, I wished I could. I am really looking forward to reading book two. Although I must always face the fact that Book 2 in these kind of series inevitably shift, in a way that changes the whole landscape, and sometimes, I just want more of the same landscape. The struggle IS real.

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