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The Raft, by S.A. Bodeen

12987986The Raft
S.A. Bodeen
2012 by Feiwel & Friends
ISBN – 9780312650100
Genre – Survival
Age – High School
3.7 Stars

While flying home to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean from Honolulu, Robie’s plane crashes. The worst part is, no one knows that she was on the plane. With the help of the First Officer, she manages to get aboard the aircraft’s emergency raft, and tries to survive. She realizes how much she appreciates food, water, shelter, and the company of another human.

This book was not a masterpiece of writing, but I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t want to get to the end in a hurry. It was a short book, and a super fast read. I can only imagine the thoughts that I would be having in this situation, but all of them are in the realm of what Robie had. She did tend to get incredibly lucky, but then again, she would have to in order to survive, and people do get lucky sometimes. I would recommend this one to people who are looking for survival type books that are more psychological than adventure based.


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