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The Mysterious Howling, by Rose Maywood

6609748The Mysterious Howling
Rose Maywood
2010 by HarperCollins
ISBN – 9780061791055
Genre – Fantasy
Age – Elementary School
3.2 Stars

Miss Penelope has accepted her first governess job at the Ashton Place, but circumstances are a bit out of the ordinary. Lord Ashton, who has recently married, found three children living in the woods of his estate. They are wild in nature, but sweet at heart, and Miss Penelope must learn to educate them as well as tame them.

Although this book was not amazing to me, it was fun and quirky. I think kids will really enjoy all of the hilarity that ensues when wild children attempt to learn etiquette. The characters were funny, my favorite being Lady Ashton, who just cannot comprehend the entire situation. She is trying her hardest to be a good new wife, but isn’t enjoying being an instant mother of three strange children. I was disappointed that not a single issue was resolved. The series has five books published so far, with more in the works, and I can’t see myself reading each one only to have tiny bits of information revealed in each one, if at all.


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