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Another Day, by David Levithan

18459855Another Day
David Levithan
2015 by Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN – 9780385756204
Genre – Fantasy
Age – High School
3.2 Stars

This companion novel to Every Day is written from the viewpoint of Rhiannon, the girl who A falls in love with. We follow Rhiannon as she discovers who and what A is, falls in love, and tries to figure out if she can make their relationship work.

It was interesting to read the story from a different point of view. My main problem from the first book, was that A was awfully preachy and judgmental towards anyone who could not just love him without seeing his vessel. That issue disappeared in this book, almost to a fault. It seemed as if A’s personality changed a bit. It’s as if Rhiannon did not register that part of him. It repeated a ton from the first book, which was actually good for me because it helped me remember all of the events that were prominent in the story. I ended up disliking Rhiannon much more after reading her side of the story. It was just so plain that she knew that she was wronging Justin, but because he wasn’t always nice to her, it gave her an excuse to be horrible to him. It just seemed to shine a light on her selfishness. After reading both of these books, I realize that neither A nor Rhiannon are very nice people.


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