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Ninja Bunny, by Jennifer Gray Olson

22748880Ninja Bunny
Jennifer Gray Olsen
2015 Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN – 9780385754941
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool, Toddler
4 Stars

The rules for being a super awesome ninja begins with being able to work alone. Several other rules are written about as well as illustrated in a hilarious manner. This is one of those books where the words tell one story and the pictures tell a whole different story. The juxtaposition is sure to make the older listeners laugh, while the sweet and funny words are great for the younger listeners. The lesson at the end is appropriate for all age groups! I love the illustrations, they are done in very soft colors, but they make an impact. The ninja bunny is adorable with his long skinny ears flying everywhere in all of the pictures. A definite add to my ninja storytime!

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