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What if you had Animal Hair!?, by Sandra Markle

17981412What if you had Animal Hair!?
Sandra Markle
llustrated by Howard Mcwillian
2014 by Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN – 9780545630856
Genre – Nonfiction
Age – Early Elementary
5 Stars

Different animals have different kind of hair, and they all serve a purpose. What if you had Animal Hair!? dedicates each page to a different animal, some are well known, and some a bit more obscure. Each page shows a child with similar hair to animals such as porcupines, lions, zebras, and sloths, and more. A couple different fun facts litter each page. Markle and McWillian make a fantastic team in this series. I have already read What if you had Animal Teeth!? to a 3rd grade class, and they loved it! I have just requested that my new library, which has none of these books, buy the whole series. The illustrations are fantastic, they are funny and bold. The facts are informative and interesting for readers of all ages! I can’t wait to learn about animal feet, which is new, and animal ears, which is coming in 2016. This book is proof that children’s nonfiction can be awesome!


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