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Welcome Home, Bear: A Book of Animal Habits, by Il Sung Na

23834604Welcome Home, Bear: A Book of Animal Habits
Il Sung Na
2015 by Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN – 9780385753777
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Toddler, Preschool
5 Stars

Bear was tired of waking up every morning in the same old place, so he decided to find a new home! He traveled around to many different animal’s homes to find a place that was just right for him. In his adventures he meets  birds, polar bears, and more. In the end he makes an important discovery about home. I love this book. I would be great for storytimes about bears or homes. I love the story, and how it shows us where both common and not so common animals live! Now let’s talk illustrations; Il Sung Na is my favorite contemporary picture book illustrator. I can’t say enough about the beautiful pictures. They have such depth to them, I could stare at them for hours. Somehow, the colors are soft, but bold and bright all at the same time. The backgrounds shine just as much as the animals in the front. The expressions on the animals faces are so wonderful. The are silly yet true to the situation. Sigh…

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