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This is Where it Ends, by Marieke Nijkamp

24529123This is Where it Ends
Marieke Nijkamp
2016 by Sourcebooks Fire
ISBN – 9781492622468
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Age – High School
4.5 Stars

It was the first day of a new semester at Opportunity High School. Most of the kids were gathered in the auditorium for the principal’s assembly. Just after 10AM the students were dismissed, but the doors to the auditorium wouldn’t open. Then Tyler walked in and began shooting. With the doors locked, the students were trapped. There was no way to escape Tyler’s wrath.

This book made my feelers feel something extra. It was so gripping and so full of horror and grief. I couldn’t stop reading. I couldn’t stop feeling so very sad. We always have the idea that this couldn’t possibly happen to us, but in reality it has happened to many people who shared the same thought. The issues in this book go even deeper than school and other mass shootings. It speaks to me of reckless violence across the spectrum including gang violence. It begs questions to be asked, for which I am afraid we just don’t have good answers. Although most of this book took place over a very short time period, I felt connected to each character. I felt the sadness and loss of those in the book. I felt no relief when it was over, as  those who live through these ordeals do not just get to close the book. I just felt. A lot. This story will stay with me for a long time.


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