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Chernobyl’s Wild Kingdom: Life in the Dead Zone, by Rebecca L. Johnson

20791635Chernobyl’s Wild Kingdom: Life in the Dead Zone
Rebecca L. Johnson
2014 by Twenty-First Century Books
ISBN – 9781467711548
Genre – Nonfiction
Age – Elementary School, Middle School
4.5 Stars

After the horrible nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, most of the people were evacuated. Some died, and many other have felt the lasting effects of the radiation exposure caused by the explosion. The effects are not only physical, but mental and emotional as well. What we don’t often hear about is the lingering wildlife in the fallout zone of Chernobyl. Scientists have witnessed thriving wildlife population of many different species, despite the fact that they are “glowing” with radiation. This book answers some interesting questions about how the animals are surviving, and what effects the lethal doses of radiation are having on them as generations pass. Great care was taken to address many curiosities, and the text was complimented fantastically by pictures and diagrams. I liked that the author gave a decent background on what exactly happened at the plant as well as the political and social plunders surrounding the entire situation. Johnson did a wonderful job delving into such a fascinating topic!


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