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This Monstrous Thing, by Mackenzie Lee

22811807This Monstrous Thing
Mackenzi Lee
2015 by Katherine Tegen Books
ISBN – 9780062382771
Genre – Horror
Age – High School
4.3 Stars

The wounded are being put back together with clockwork parts. They are shunned from society, and those who care for them, are working illegally. In the midst of all this, Alasdair’s life is shattered by his brother’s tragic death, and so he does what some men have dreamed about and others have nightmares about. With the help of his friend Mary, he brings his brother back to life. But something isn’t right, his brother has returned a shell of his former self. Alasdair is forced to put the life he dreamed of on hold to help his family business and to take care of his brother that he has hidden away. He is able to balance everything, until a strange book about bringing a dead man back to life is published. The city of Geneva begins a massive manhunt for the reanimated monster as well as the evil genius who brought him back. Aladair’s father is arrested, his mother has disappeared, and he must find a way to hide as well. Who will pay the price for everything that has happened?

I thought this book was pretty fantastic. It wasn’t a huge leap of a retelling, but it gave an interesting perspective. I enjoyed the inclusion of Mary Shelley into the Frankenstein story, and her fictional biographical story. I thought that the demonstration of the fear of industrialization was a nice touch. It felt steampunky, without being overly so. I liked the idea that there is good and evil in everyone at some point in life, and we cannot be categorized by “eithers” and “ors.” It was a great portrayal that showed that life is not black and white, but there are many shades of gray. I didn’t want to stop reading this once I got started. I just wanted to know what happened. There is so much mystery and so many underlying plots, but they were worked together in a practically seamless manner. I can understand the criticism that the dialogue was not set in the proper period, but I didn’t mind. Honestly, I just don’t have much bad to say about it!


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