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Exit, Persued by a Bear, by E.K. Johnston

25528801Exit, Persued by a Bear
E.K. Johnston
3 Stars

Hermoine is captain of her cheerleading team. Unlike most cheerleading teams, this one is the main event. They are the biggest sport in their high school. In the Summer before her senior year, their squad returns to the yearly cheer camp. Everything is going fantastically, until someone hands her a drink at the dance, and things go black. She is found the next morning on the shore of the lake, exposed and alone, with a very fuzzy memory of the night before. This is the story of how Hermoine copes. She has to come to terms with the fact that nothing will ever be the same again, while fighting to not let the situation take control of her life.

To me this book was very showing of how different people handle trauma in different ways. It seemed completely unrealistic at first, until I realized that. It also showed me that I have no idea how I would react to certain situations in which I have never been. Hermoine handles her situation with the only grace she knows how to have. Her strength is incredible, and her ability to look at the things that are most important (to her) are astonishing. She is lucky to have the support of her family and (some of) her friends. I was really impressed by the fact that she outwardly and inwardly struggled with the horrible events, but that she was insistent to not have those events swallow her whole. This may not be your typical written rape story, but it is one way for the story to unravel. In this subject, I think it is important to show that there is more than one scenario.

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Blood Red, Snow White, by Marcus Sedgwick

27414397Blood Red, Snow White
Marcus Sedgwick
3.5 Stars

Set during the Russian Revolution in 1917, Arthur Ransome, a young British journalist, has traveled to Russia in order to write fairy tales. What he finds is that there is much more to do, see, and experience than what he originally had expected. He becomes very deeply immersed in the politics of Russia, and the surrounding areas. He becomes many things to many people, but it seems that he still tries to hold on to his fairy tale life in a world where happy endings aren’t so common.

I thought this was a wonderfully written book., as I think about everything written by Marcus Sedgwick. It weaves the realistic with the ephemeral, and it does so in a way that makes them seem like the same story. The characters, especially Arthur, are multi-dimensional and strong. I love historical fiction, so this is right up my alley. My biggest concern with this book, is that it may not be marketed towards the right audience. I can’t see teens being overly excited to read this story, or to finish it once they have started. It also doesn’t really feel like a fairy tale retelling, so much as a story with a dusting of the magical and mystical within. Although I thought it was a solid work, I am not sure it will find a place with its intended audience.

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Girl in the Blue Coat, by Monica Hesse

26030682Girl in the Blue Coat
Monica Hesse
4.5 Stars

Hanneke is a purveyor of black market items during World War II in Amsterdam. She is able to provide for her family with this second job. She also sees it as a tiny way that she can rebel against the Germans. One day a customer of hers asks her for an extraordinary favor. She wants her to find a Jewish girl who she was hiding in a secret room in her home. The girl has vanished without a trace, and the only clue seems to be that she was wearing a blue coat.

Part history, part mystery, all thrilling. This time period is my favorite to read about. Although much of the content is completely horrifying, you can see the brightest stars in the darkest of nights. I like to look at the absolute and utter selflessness and kindness in those people who were willing to stand up against the Nazi Regime. This book really shows the mindset of those people. It demonstrates the constant fear that they must live in to do what they know is right. The characters in this book are so strong and brave, despite their fear, they do the right thing every day. Okay, other than the WWII setting, I loved the mystery of this book. Combine these two things and you get such an intense real world suspense. I was very happy with the ending, for reasons I can’t explain, because I am anti spoiler, but if you read it and freak out, don’t judge me, it just felt right. This one really got my feelers moving, and oh the end. If I could give it 8 thumbs up, I would!

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Whisper to Me, by Nick Lake

26030238Whisper to Me
Nick Lake

Sex workers are going missing without a trace, the media is calling the perpetrator the Houdini Killer. Then Cass finds a human foot on the beeach. All of the traumas in her life come flooding back in when she begins to hear a voice after this discovery. The voice is mean, it insults her, threatens her, and forces her to hurt herself. While in a psychiatric facility,  she meets Paris, a beautiful, outgoing stripper who also hears voices. She takes her under her wing, and introduces her to a psychologist who thinks he can help her with her voices. Things seem to be getting better. Cass has a crush on the boy who is renting an apartment from her dad, and he is beginning to notice her, the voice is beginning to be under control, and for the first time, she feels like she has friends. Then Paris disappears while working a bachelor party.

There is so much going on in this book, but it is all woven together so wonderfully. It is written in the perspective of Cass. She has broken the heart of the boy who lives above her garage, and she is writing a letter to him to explain EVERYTHING! While being exhaustive of the summer, her past, her feeling, and hopes of the future, it still manages to be suspenseful. I really liked the characters. They were so human, and inherently flawed. Every single person had their own demons to battle. Some were graceful, and some were not, but throughout the book you could see everyone struggling to come to terms with less than pleasant pasts. I loved the ending! However, I will be so angry at the ending if at anytime in the future, Nick Lake makes a sequel. I would like to mention what an interesting insight this book gives on hearing voice(s). I learned a lot of things about how and why they manifest, and what alternative treatment options are available. After reading In Darkness, I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It’s not often I feel like I am at the edge of my seat for a 500+ page YA novel. Kudos!

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If I was Your Girl, Meredith Russo

26156987If I was Your Girl
Meredith Russo
3.5 stars

Amanda has just moved from her mother’s house to her father’s in Tennessee. She moved to get a fresh start, to be somewhere where no one knows her past, where she doesn’t get bullied and terrorized for being transgendered. For the first time in her life, she seems to make friends easily, despite the fact that she is trying to lay low. She even meets a boy who she really likes. Will her secret destroy the new life she has worked for?

In many ways, Amanda is a very lucky person. She has a family that has supported her through all of the changes she has undergone, they have embraced her as the person she is, and not who they want her to be. But the rest of the world isn’t as understanding as her family. In fact, as we all know the world can be a very cruel place. Amanda does her best to navigate the world with grace and confidence, not without her missteps. In some ways this book feels very real to life, and it others it feels way out in outer space. Meredith Russo herself is a transgendered woman, who states that she wanted to write a book that showed support, and a hopeful outcome. Do not be fooled, it is not all rainbows, unicorns, and sunshine. There is real pain, and feels in this one.

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Highly Illogical Behavior, by John Corey Whaley

26109391Highly Illogical Behavior
John Corey Whaley
3.3 Stars

Agoraphobic teen faces debilitating anxiety (duh!) Enter overachieving college bound female who needs a special project. Smush them together and what do you get? A raging train wreck! Lisa has got to write an essay about her experience with mental illness in order to get into the second best psychology program in the country, which she wants to attend because she know she can be the best at the second best school. So she chooses Solomon, a kid who used to go to her school until he had a complete meltdown and hasn’t left his house since.

I loved the idea of this book. But honestly, I couldn’t like the characters. Solomon doesn’t feel like he has any depth. And Lisa, ugh. I think she should be writing her essay about her own mental illness. What a horrible human being, I’m not even sure she gets any better in the end. The plot seemed formulaic, with your well known love triangle in young adult novels. It read quickly and easily, but it just fell short of what I have come to know and love of John Corey Whaley. Noggin, is one of my absolute favorite books, and Where Things Come Back was so beautifully written. Right after I finished this book, I really liked it, but the more I have distanced myself from it, the less I like about it, the more I feel like it missed the mark.