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If I was Your Girl, Meredith Russo

26156987If I was Your Girl
Meredith Russo
3.5 stars

Amanda has just moved from her mother’s house to her father’s in Tennessee. She moved to get a fresh start, to be somewhere where no one knows her past, where she doesn’t get bullied and terrorized for being transgendered. For the first time in her life, she seems to make friends easily, despite the fact that she is trying to lay low. She even meets a boy who she really likes. Will her secret destroy the new life she has worked for?

In many ways, Amanda is a very lucky person. She has a family that has supported her through all of the changes she has undergone, they have embraced her as the person she is, and not who they want her to be. But the rest of the world isn’t as understanding as her family. In fact, as we all know the world can be a very cruel place. Amanda does her best to navigate the world with grace and confidence, not without her missteps. In some ways this book feels very real to life, and it others it feels way out in outer space. Meredith Russo herself is a transgendered woman, who states that she wanted to write a book that showed support, and a hopeful outcome. Do not be fooled, it is not all rainbows, unicorns, and sunshine. There is real pain, and feels in this one.


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