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Whisper to Me, by Nick Lake

26030238Whisper to Me
Nick Lake

Sex workers are going missing without a trace, the media is calling the perpetrator the Houdini Killer. Then Cass finds a human foot on the beeach. All of the traumas in her life come flooding back in when she begins to hear a voice after this discovery. The voice is mean, it insults her, threatens her, and forces her to hurt herself. While in a psychiatric facility,  she meets Paris, a beautiful, outgoing stripper who also hears voices. She takes her under her wing, and introduces her to a psychologist who thinks he can help her with her voices. Things seem to be getting better. Cass has a crush on the boy who is renting an apartment from her dad, and he is beginning to notice her, the voice is beginning to be under control, and for the first time, she feels like she has friends. Then Paris disappears while working a bachelor party.

There is so much going on in this book, but it is all woven together so wonderfully. It is written in the perspective of Cass. She has broken the heart of the boy who lives above her garage, and she is writing a letter to him to explain EVERYTHING! While being exhaustive of the summer, her past, her feeling, and hopes of the future, it still manages to be suspenseful. I really liked the characters. They were so human, and inherently flawed. Every single person had their own demons to battle. Some were graceful, and some were not, but throughout the book you could see everyone struggling to come to terms with less than pleasant pasts. I loved the ending! However, I will be so angry at the ending if at anytime in the future, Nick Lake makes a sequel. I would like to mention what an interesting insight this book gives on hearing voice(s). I learned a lot of things about how and why they manifest, and what alternative treatment options are available. After reading In Darkness, I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It’s not often I feel like I am at the edge of my seat for a 500+ page YA novel. Kudos!


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